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      About Bei Long


      Beilong Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Beilong Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.founded in 2007, is located in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, a famous city with a long history and active market economy. It is the world's leading provider of precision manufacturing solutions for parts and components of intelligent electronic products. Specializing in precision injection molding, embedded molding, stamping, mold research and development of national high-tech enterprises. The products mainly include mobile phone, vehicle, security optical camera precision components, acoustic equipment precision components, consumer electronics components based on insert molding technology, etc.; they involve communication, optical, acoustic and intelligent identification fields.

      Corporate honor


      • Honor
      • Certified patent

      Corporate Culture


      Become a first-class precision
      manufacturing enterprise


      People oriented and fine business


      Create value for customers
      and shareholders let employees
      live a happy life


      Unite and strive, open and
      inclusive simple, efficient,
      grateful and shared

      Sense of worth

      Attain the highest good



      Take care of yourself and set sail in the spring breeze

      Since its establishment, Beilong has received the care and support from the leaders at all levels of the state, province and city. They fully affirmed the project of Beilong and provided valuable constructive guidance for the rapid, scientific and orderly development of Beilong.

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